[Video] 4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Truck Company

Posted by Danny | September 20, 2018 | Truck Companies
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Choosing group shipping is a great way to cut shipping cost.

Right now you want to hire a trucking company for the first time and you have no experience on how to go about it.

This is a common question among many business owners.

Thus, if you’re reading this post, it obviously means you are a first timer that wants to limit his mistake as much as possible.

Many trucking companies promise you heaven and earth, but as soon as they get hired by you, they do something absolutely different.

It’s not safe, however, to base your hiring process on just cost, you should also know if the company in question has a good reputation for delivering quality services.

That’s why we will be sharing with you 4 important things to consider before you say yes to that trucking company.

Hang on here. You’ll find out.

Ensure the Trucking Company In Question Has a License and Insurance

Before going ahead to hire a trucking company, ensure you ask them if they are licensed and insured. If they claim they are, ask to see a proof of evidence.

Working with a trucking company that has no license or insurance could be rather detrimental to you.

Check If They Have a Good Customer Relationship

The way the staff of the trucking company relates to you should be a key factor that affects your main financial decision.

If the company staffs are not nice and friendly to you, then there is no way they will handle your goods carefully. They may probably use the same complacent attitude in handling your haulage.

You should only deal with people that have a solid customer relationship.

Make It a Priority to Examine the Fleet of the Trucking Company

It’s absolutely necessary for you to check out and inspect the fleet of the trucking company that will carry your goods, before working with them.

You must check and confirm that their fleets are in great working condition, because the transportation of your goods may get delayed if their trucks are prone to breaking down.

This, in turn, may cost you a lot of money and time.

Thus, visit the location where they pack their fleets and monitor how they run them. You can also check if they have standard equipment.

Also, you should check if the refrigerator compartments are working, if you are hauling perishables.

You will also want to observe and confirm all the security measures put in place by the company to protect your fragile and luxury goods when it’s transported.

Ask the Company To Show You A List of Their Past Clients and References

You can ask the trucking company to provide you a reference list of past clients they have worked with in the past.

If possible, ask them if they have worked with any company in your field. That will definitely be an added advantage as they will know what and how to go about handling your goods without so much supervision.

With the references, you will know if their claims are true or not.

Bottom Line(Conclusion)

After you do the comparison between Air Freight and Ground Freight Shipping, ensure you take all the above steps before you venture into hiring a trucking company.

You can be assured that your goods will get to its destination fast and safe when you deal with the right trucking company.

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