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Temperature Controlled

To know about our Refrigerated freight shipping service & Heated truck shipping service.

48 ft
Spring-Ride, Roll-Door

Multi-Temp Reefer

Trailer specification features may vary based upon model year, trailer type and location. Equipment is subject to availability at each location.

48 Equipment Specifications

Dimensions Metric Imperial
Overall Length 14.63 m 48′
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102”
Overall Frame Width 2,591 mm 102”
Overall Height 152 mm 6”
Coupler Height 1,194 mm 47”
Kingpin Setting 914 mm 36”
Dock Height 15,858 mm 52′ 5/16”
Inside Width (at liner) 29,578 mm 97′ 1/2”
Inside Height 31,407 mm 103′ 1/2”
Cubic Capacity 92.09 m3 3,252 ft3
Weight (+/- 3%) 6,940 kg 15,300 lbs
Door Opening Metric Imperial
Width (in) 2,337 mm 92”
Height (in) 28,664 mm 94′ 1/2”
Suspension Full slide range, variable-position tandem axles with spring-ride suspension.
Axles 1/2″ axle wall, 22,500 lb. capacity with synthetic wheel-end lubricant
Tires 295/75R 22.5 premium radial tires
Wheels 8.25″ x 22.5″ steel hub-piloted wheels
Brakes 16-1/2″ x 7″ x 3/4″ s-cam, quick-change brake shoes
ABS 2 sensor / 1 modulator-valve system
Refrigeration Unit THERMO KING SBIII Smart Reefer
Fuel Tank 50 gallon aluminum fuel tank
Upper Coupler AAR certified coupler with 1/4″ pick-up and 5th-wheel plates. Interior coupler surfaces sealed with corrosion resistant coating
Crossmembers 4″ steel I-beam crossmembers on 12″ centers over bogie and landing gear, with additional crossmembers at rear on 8″ centers. Aluminum I-beams on 12″ centers in bay-area of trailer, aluminum inverted-hat crossmembers from landing gear forward
Landing Gear AAR certified, 2-speed landing gear with internal gearbox and tilt-cushion sand shoes. 5 crossmember mount
Posts Aluminum z-posts on 24″ centers, 12″ centers from landing gear forward
Insulation Polyurethane – 2-1/2″ in floor, 2″ in sides,3″ in roof
Cargo Control 1 row of “E” track (full length, both sides) located 48″ from floor
Floor 1.32″ flat aluminum floor. Forklift reinforcement package at rear
Scuff 12″ aluminum scuff, integral with floor
Return Air Bulkhead Half height bulkhead with pallet stops
Rear Frame Stainless steel unitized construction, gusseted to body rails
Rear Doors 2-1/2″ insulated roll-door with 60″ door-track protectors
Side Door(s) 40″ wide swing-door on curbside, located 171-1/2″ from nose of trailer to center of door
Side Door Access 2 rung, fixed step and grab-handle
Lights & Wiring Sealed-beam lights with a fully sealed wiring harness and internal ground
Electrical Connections 7-way ATA plug with no circuit breakers
Air Connections Stationary gladhands mounted on roadside

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