48 to 69 ft

Double-Drop Extendable Flatbed

Trailer specification features may vary based upon model year, trailer type and location. Equipment is subject to availability at each location.

48 – 69 Equipment Specifications

Overall Length48′ to 69′ (Extends in 5′ Increments)
Overall Width2,591 mm102”
Overall Frame Width2,591 mm102”
Deck Height – Center Deck559 mm22”
Deck Height – Rear Deck1,016 mm40”
Deck Length2,794 mm9′ 2”
Coupler Height1,270 mm50”
Kingpin Setting457 mm18”
Weight (+/- 3%)8,890 kg19,600 lbs
SuspensionFixed position tandem axles with Air-Ride suspension. Airbags equipped with self-regulating height control valve and manual dump valve
Axles5/8″ axle wall, 25,000 lb. capacity with synthetic wheel-end lubricant
Tires255/70R 22.5 premium radial tires
Wheels8.25″ x 22.5″ steel hub-piloted wheels
Brakes16-1/2″ x 7″ x 3/4″ s-cam, quick-change brake shoes
ABS2 sensor / 1 modulator-valve system
Upper CouplerAAR certified coupler with 1/4″ pick-up and 5th-wheel plates. Interior coupler surfaces sealed with corrosion resistant coating
Main FrameFabricated high-tensile steel main beams, air operated stops on 5′ increments
Side Rails6″ structural steel channel on front deck, 8″ on center deck
Rub Rails2″ wide rub rails. Full length both sides, front and rear
Stake Pockets1/4″ thick, external steel stake pockets on 24″ centers. Full length both sides, front and rear
Crossmembers4″ steel crossmembers on 12″ centers under front deck, 6″ steel crossmembers on 12″ centers under center deck
Landing GearAAR certified, 2-speed landing gear with internal gearbox and tilt-cushion sand shoes
Cargo ControlCombination winches and “c” type rope-hooks
Floor1-1/8″ apitong floo
Return Air Bulkhead48″ Flat, Removable Bulkhead
Lights & WiringSealed-beam lights with a fully sealed wiring harness and internal ground
Electrical Connections7-way ATA plug with no circuit breakers
Air ConnectionsStationary gladhands mounted on roadside

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