Dry Vans

Dry vans are the most popular choice for shipping for good reason; they offer a cost-effective, convenient shipping method for a wide range of goods and equipment. Our expertly designed and built dry van trailers offer easy loading, flexible storage and much more.

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Best Uses of Dry Vans

Dry van trailers are the perfect option for whenever you need to ship goods that don’t require temperature control. Clothing, non-perishable foods, and building products. While these trailers are capable of holding a wide range of products, they are best suited to items that can be palletized. Awkwardly shaped items that can’t be wrapped and put on a pallet or can’t have other items placed on top of them won’t fare well and will increase costs.

Advantages of Dry Vans

Whenever possible, a dry van trailer is typically your best option to get the most for your shipping dollar. Since this way of shipping is so common, it’s easy to combine different products from multiple shippers to split the costs. Other advantages include:

  • Low Chance of Lost Freight: With ample security and sturdy construction, dry vans offer protection against theft and product damage, making losses unlikely.
  • Ample Room: Our trailers can haul up to 45,000 lbs or 26 pallets!
  • LTL Cost Savings: Consolidating shipments helps keep costs low.

Meet all your dry van shipping needs with our quality trailers which are regularly updated and replaced for consistent performance. Call 905-760-1141.

Temperature Controlled

Does your company produce or sell temperature sensitive goods? Many companies who sell goods that require temperature control are limited to shipping during certain months. However, with RoadLinx’s temperature controlled trailers (aka reefer/refrigerated trucks) you can extend your available shipping months and guarantee product quality and safety.

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Best Uses of Temperature Controlled Trailers

Temperature controlled trucks are most often used for foods and beverages though certain plant life and specialized equipment can also benefit from this mode of shipping. Temperature controlled vehicles are best used to keep items frozen or cool though they can also be used to keep items from freezing. Wine and produce are able to be shipped in even the most frigid of temperatures without being spoiled by ice crystals.

Features and Advantages of Temperature Controlled Freight

  • Expands Shipping Capabilities: Producers of perishable products can ship throughout the year and to more distant locations.
  • Independent Temperature Controls: Our trailers have up to three separate compartments with individual temperature controls. This allows you to send multiple items at different temperatures.
  • Continuous Temperature Control: A cross-country trip can be a harrowing journey for a perishable good as your items go from hot to cold and back again. Our trucks allow our drivers to tweak temperature based on outside weather condtions for the best possible results.

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Intermodal Containers

20′ Standard

40′ Standard X 96″

45′ High Cube X 96″

48′ High Cube X 102″

53′ HGIU Premier Service Network 53′ X 102″

53′ HUBU Premier Service Network 53′ X 102″

40′ High Cube X 96”

45′ High Cube X 102″

45′ Standard’ X 96″

48′ HUBU Premier Service Network 48′ HUBU X 102″

53′ High Cube X 102″

53′ HUNU Premier Service Network 53′ HUNU X 102″

Intermodal containers allow you to take advantage of air, sea and land transportation options while encasing your items in a sturdy container that can withstand rigorous shipping needs. RoadLinx maintains, upgrades and replaces our containers regularly to ensure that they are able to easily protect your goods throughout different modes of travel.

The RoadLINX Advantage for Intermodal Shipping

Superior Logistics: Our logistics team makes this form of shipping easier by handling all the various details involved in transporting items or long distances and multiple transportation modes.

LTL and FTL Shipping: We offer both full and less than truckloads to make intermodal and international shipping available to large and small businesses. RoadLINX believes in creating options that help expand your customer base by making shipping options available to companies of all sizes.

Our Trusted Network: While other companies have exclusive contracts with a specific ocean carrier, RoadLINX works within a network. This gives our customers more options for their shipping and means you will not be pushed into using one provider for our benefit.

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Storage Trailers

Use Roadlinx Storage Trailers For:

Shopping Centers

Retail Stores


Inventory and Parts Storage

Truckload Sales

Lawn and Garden Shops

Recycling Centers


Construction Sites

Postal (or) Bulk Mail Centers

Remodeling Projects


Tradeshows and Conventions

Make relocation, distribution and storage easier with our flexible storage trailers. Each of our trailers is built to withstand the elements and give your items superior protection and security. Store as much or as little as you need to and RoadLINX experienced team can help move your items or store your trailer on our secure lot.

Uses and Advantages of RoadLINX Storage Trailers

  • Secure and Convenient: Unlike storing your items in a stationary warehouse or storage unit, with our trailers you can easily pack up your items and move them as needed without having to unpack them.
  • 24/7 Access: Easily access your storage at any time without having to wait for an employee to let you in or for a storage lot to open.
  • Camera Surveillance: If you choose to store your trailer on our lot you can rest assured that the property is guarded by camera surveillance and secure fencing.
  • Flexible Options: Store your items for as much or as little time as needed. Our trailers have ample room for all your products, equipment and more.
  • Make Relocation Easier: While moving from one building to another, one of the biggest issues is storing items during in between times. Our trailers are perfect for storing and transporting your items to the new location.
  • Easier Distribution: Our logistics team can easily advise you on distribution from our storage trailers including others services like cross docking and door-to-door deliveries.

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Versatile and convenient, flatbed trailers are a great option for both standard and oversized loads. RoadLINX applies the same values and commitment to quality to our flatbeds as all of our other equipment and services. We offer only the most reliable and updated flatbed trailers available with a variety of standard and premium features.

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Flatbed Options and Features

  • Oversized and Overweight Flatbeds: Our heavy-duty trailers for over dimensional loads can accommodate items up to 160 feet long, 18 feet high and 18 feet wide. Hauls can weight up to 200,000 pounds, making transportation of exceptionally large items, such as homes, possible.
  • Double Drops: Thanks to the detachable gooseneck hitch, this flatbed style allows for easy access for shipment items that can be driven up onto the flatbed such as cars, trucks and large farm equipment.
  • Single Drop: Step deck or single drop trailers increase our shipment height capacity even further. With a single drop you can haul items over 8ft 6in.

Not sure what kind of flatbed you might need? Our knowledgeable team can help guide through the options to get you the best possible equipment for the job. Call us at 905-760-1141 for a consultation and free quote.

Chassis Types

20′ Chassis

40′ Chassis

24 Metric Ton Chassis

Combo Chassis

As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America, RoadLINX expands your shipping options by offering a range of chassis types to make hauling easier for even the most difficult shipments. This includes extended trailers, intermodal options and over dimensional trailers.

Chassis Features and Options

  • Detachable Gooseneck Hitches: With increased stability, trailers featuring a gooseneck have the ability to transport larger with ease.
  • Extended Length: These trailers can be kept at their original length or be easily extended to accommodate longer and wider items.
  • Multi Container Chassis: These combination chassis can carry two containers at once, each up to 20 ft in length and 24,000lbs.
  • Other Features: We take pride in maintaining our equipment and constantly updating and replacing items as needed. Our trailers are lightweight yet capable of carrying exceptionally large loads

Choosing your Chassis

To determine exactly which transportation options are best for your business and products, call RoadLINX’s expert team at 905-760-1141. Our logistics team is well versed in what it takes to get your products where they need to go quickly and safely. We use our trusted network of drivers, logistics experts and other professionals to get you the best options and results the first time.

As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America, RoadLinx strives to provide the best services. Contact RoadLINX today to learn more about what equipment is best for your needs and receive a free quote!