Expedited Shipping Service: Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

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Expedited Shipping Service Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Top-notch goods and quick deliveries are among the best ways any business can warm the hearts of customers. But what’s the process, benefits, and cost of expedited shipping services in Canada?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about expedited shipping services in Canada. But first, here’s the definition.

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is simply the process of transporting freight quicker than usual. For many shipping providers, this means delivering goods on the same day or within at most three days. 

However, in practice, the delivery timeframe largely depends on the time it will normally take to deliver the freight. For example, if your goods normally take ten days to get to its destination, then express shipping would likely take three days or less.

Expedited shipping compels businesses to put on their thinking caps and use all their resources to figure a faster means of transportation. This, together with the shift from regular to priority shipment, implies that the cost of expedited shipping services is higher than normal delivery.

Expedited Shipping Service Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

What is the Cost of Expedited Shipping Services in Canada?

The cost of expedited shipping services depends largely on the size of the goods, the drop-off location, and the number of days reduced through this option. In general, shipping services charge between $20 to $150 to deliver time-sensitive freight.

Benefits of Expedited Shipping Service

Quick delivery of goods to customers is arguably the most crucial benefit that comes with expedited shipping in Canada. However, there are other reasons people use this option instead of regular shipping.

Here’s are the top ones among Canadians:

To send perishable goods

The very nature of items like fruits, bread, and dairy products requires urgent delivery to customers that need it. Enter expedited shipping services.

To reduce en-route damage

Another benefit of expedited shipping is that it greatly reduces the number of middlemen involved in transportation. At first sight, this doesn’t seem effective. 

However, handling from one middleman to another is one of the fastest ways to damage goods. Moreover, since the item is seen as top-priority, most expedited shipping providers place more importance on handling and delivery.

To reduce inventory costs

Businesses use warehouses to store their goods. However, this inventory costs can get high causing a business to run at a loss. Expedited shipping comes in handy in this situation, creating an avenue for goods to be sent out immediately they are ready.

Expedited Shipping Service Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

To allow flexible schedules 

Another benefit of expedited shipping is that it allows businesses to operate relaxed schedules. With a regular delivery schedule, an unforeseen increase in demand can be difficult to manage. 

Expedited shipping services in Canada solve the problem of demand uncertainty through quick deliveries.

How Does Expedited Shipping Work: The Procedure

Every company that provides expedited shipping services operates differently. However, here’s the standard procedure for this time-sensitive method of shipping goods:

  • The user places an expedited shipping order: Most providers of this service have online channels to make this step seamless.
  • A confirmation of the shipping order is sent to the user: At this stage, the names, company address, items, and other information about the goods should be checked or updated.
  • A delivery order is sent to the user: This is done almost immediately after the user confirms the shipping order.
  • The expedited shipping provider fast-tracks the delivery process: As we mentioned earlier, time is relative, and different expedited shipping services offer different delivery periods. However, providers of expedited shipping services will let you know when unforeseen delays arise. Generally, such delays don’t significantly affect the cost of expedited shipping services.

Qualities of Top Expedited Shipping Service Providers

Are you looking for expedited shipping services near you? Here’s how to choose the best shipping company for you:


A large percentage of goods that require quick delivery is of high value. Therefore, the provider of this essential service must be trustworthy.


A leading provider should also operate in full-disclosure. In achieving this, many expedited shipping providers allow users to track their deliveries.

Personalized services

Another quality that expedited shipping providers should possess is the ability to offer transportation services that address the individual needs of users.

Expedited Shipping Service Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

In conclusion

Expedited shipping has long been a tool for businesses looking to gain a reputation for being timely. However, there are several other expedition shipping benefits to businesses and customers, which we’ve highlighted above.

If you need to send an item quickly, then check out our expedition shipping services in Toronto. Here at Road Linx, we make transporting goods easier and safer. Also, we ensure your shipment gets to its location in time. The icing on the cake is that the cost of our expedited shipping services is affordable.

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