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Less Than Truckload

As a top freight trucking & international shipping company, RoadLINX offers the ultimate in less than truckload flexibility. Our wide network of vetted carriers means we can always find a cost-effective route to get your items delivered where they need to be.  With RoadLINX, LTLs are fast, reliable and affordable.

What is a Less Than Truckload?

An LTL is, simply, when you have product you want to ship that does not fill a full truckload. Considering that an FTL can carry in excess of 40,000lbs of freight, a LTL is often a better option for many shipments with smaller volumes.

Benefits of Less Than Truckload

An LTL offers you cost saving over an FTL service when what you are shipping has a less than truck load volume. With a less than truckload you take up as little or as much of a truck’s capacity as you need to and will also have the option to ship different items to multiple locations. An LTL may also be cheaper depending on where you’re shipping to.

When to Use LTL

LTL shipping is great for large, bulky items that can stand up to having other items packed on top. Items that can be wrapped and palletized are also good candidates. These aren’t the only type of items but they tend to be the ones that fit the best and offer the most cost savings.

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Additional Services

RoadLINX offers additional services to save you time and make your LTL shipment more secure. These include:

  • Wrap and palletize your shipments
  • Blanket wrapping
  • Escort handling
  • Expedited service

When you need the flexibility and expertise of an experienced LTL carrier, call on RoadLINX. Our distribution logistics experts will work with you to create a plan that will work with your time and budget concerns. Call us at 905-760-1141 for a free quote.

Call us us at 905-760-1141 for further information or to request a free quote.