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Refrigerated Shipping Company in Toronto

Refrigerated trucks are a modern wonder that allows us to ship temperature sensitive goods around the country even during some of the most extreme weather.As a top freight trucking & international shipping company, RoadLINX is one of the top reefer trucking companies in Toronto and we work hard to provide you the best temperature controlled trucks available. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of refrigerated trucks, how to order one and what is a reefer truck exactly.

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What is Refrigerated Trucking ?

If you’ve been looking at shipping methods for your temperature sensitive items then you’ve likely wondered what is a reefer truck? Simply, a reefer truck is a nickname for refrigerated trucks or temperature controlled trucks. These are refrigerated trucks with one to three compartments with independent temperature control. Reefer trucking companies like RoadLINX provide these to not only act as cooler trucks or refrigerated trucks, but also as heated trucks.

The heating options in reefer trucks are especially good for when certain items need to be shipped during winter months and protect from freeze. However, both hot and cold are available in reefer trucks thanks to advanced technology which allows refrigerated trucks to heat and cool much the same way your hvac system keeps your home at a reasonable temperature.

Reefer trucks run on a closed system that is comprised of three main components: Compressor, condenser and evaporator. These elements work together to keep our cooler trucks at a stable temperature even when the outside is not.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trucking ?

So now that we’ve answered the question as to what is a reefer truck, we can now answer what can reefer trucks do for you? These specially designed refrigerated trucks aren’t merely for transporting things like meat or frozen foods, they are also ideal for keeping wine at a proper temperature, chocolate from melting and transporting temperature-sensitive medical supplies. While shipping certain items during a massive heat wave is rarely advisable even with proper handling, refrigerated trucks do help you extend the amount of times you’re able to ship certain products.

Hiring Reefer Shipping Companies

Looking for reefer trucking companies in Toronto? Reliable reefer trucking companies like RoadLINX are just a call away. Contact us today to find out more about our refrigerated trucks and receive a free quote!

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Refrigerated Shipping VS. Heated Trucks

As a top freight shipping company, we have heated trucks as well. Heated trucks are the same as refrigerated trucks, only they have their temperature controls set to a warmer degree. Their temperature settings allow them to act as both heaters and coolers of items. The heating side of the temperature dial is especially good during winter months and in areas where temperatures can drop well below freezing, such as mountainous areas that are at a higher and cooler level of altitude.

When to use a heated Truck instead of refrigerated trucks ?

Warmer than freezing temperatures are good for all those products that need to be kept cool but not frozen. Things like milk, wine and cheese would be good examples of things that would require a more delicate temperature control than something like frozen meals or ice cream.
Produce also often requires more specialized temperature controls than other cargo. It needs to be kept fresh without being frozen. Fortunately, with a heated truck, you can simply set the temperature to whatever you need it at and it will keep, no matter what the outside temp is.