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What you Should Know About Shipping from US to Canada

Though the US and Canada enjoy the longest international border and friendly relations, shipping from US to Canada comes with many of the same issues as shipping to anywhere else internationally. Because there is greater security involved with shipping internationally and a variety of additional fees, taxes and other costs, your total shipping amount is likely to be more than it would be if you shipped between states or between provinces.

There are also issues of documentation, classification of product, additional logistics concerns and a host of other matters that a professional, international shipping company like RoadLINX can help you navigate. Unlike some other shipping companies, we help you at each step of your shipment to reduce costs, time and delays.

Here we’ll discuss tips about shipping from US to Canada along with potential costs and issues that can occur at the border plus methods to make shipping more affordable.

Importance of Product Classification when Shipping from US to Canada

When considering how to ship from US to Canada, it is often a good idea to begin by sending a test shipment or single product. The point of this is to work out any potential delays and product classification issues that could present a problem at customs. By sending a small shipment or single item before a full load, you can avoid massive delays when timing is critical.

The most important goal of this is to ensure your product is properly identified. Because of strict rules regarding certain items and the need for each item to be correctly categorized, even completely harmless items can be delayed if they are not classified the right way. For more information, visit the North American Product Classification System.

Your Bill of Lading when Shipping from US to Canada

One special piece of documentation required when your products make the journey from the US to Canada, is the Bill of Lading (BOL). In short, a BOL is a receipt-like document which details a multitude of information about a shipment and it is legally required for all shipments, even domestic ones.

This document serves multiple purposes but is most important to prevent theft from a shipment and to keep all parties honest. It serves as a kind of double check and comparison document to what is listed on a purchase order. When the BOL and PO match up, then both parties can rest assured that the right items were delivered and paid for.

While a BOL is an important part in all shipments, there are several kinds and one that is particular to international shipping: An Inland BOL. The form for this BOL specifically allows a carrier to move items across land. For international shipments over water, an Ocean Bill of Lading would be required.

Other Documentation Required When Shipping from US to Canada

  • Contract of Sale
  • Certificate of Origin, NAFTA
  • List Detailing Items
  • Invoice, Proforma
  • Declaration for Customs
  • Policy of Insurance
  • Automated Export System Filing

Additional information for shipping: the duty rate of each item and the tariff classification number are also required. Each document and piece of information must also find its way to the appropriate parties, especially the driver who will need many of these items to successfully complete the delivery. If the driver is left out of the loop, your shipment will not make it to its destination.

us to canada shippingShipping from US to Canada Cost

Shipping from US to Canada Cost, like all shipping, is affected by several factors.

  • How much the shipment weighs
  • How tightly packed the shipment is
  • Distance the shipment travels
  • Rates for tariffs
  • Classification of the freight

Avoiding Extra Shipping from US to Canada Cost: While there will always be fees, costs, documents and other logistical concerns that will raise the price of shipping, some of these can be avoided or reduced. Taking the time to properly check that all documentation is in place before a shipment sends can help you avoid unexpected fees.

For instance, if a driver is unable to successfully deliver items, they may need to go into storage and the costs for that storage will be added on to your bill. Additionally, this will add on time to the shipment which could cost money in the form of frustrated customers who may cancel their orders or decide not to order in the future.

Importance of Custom Brokerage and Logistics

Shipping even a single item can have a multitude of variables that can affect the success of the shipment. However, these potential problems are magnified exponentially where freight shipping is concerned.

As one can see from the amount of documentation needed and potential problems that can occur with a shipment, it is easy to see why a freight broker is required when shipping from US to Canada.

A broker does much to help facilitate shipping to make it faster and cheaper. A broker can help match a shipment with a driver and lane to gain the best route. Sometimes this will mean the fastest route, sometimes the cheapest and, ideally, sometimes both. They accomplish this by finding the most efficient lanes and methods to ship your items along with ways to condense items when possible. The less room your broker can get your shipment to take up, the more money stays in your wallet.

RoadLINX offers professional, experienced logistics and brokerage services for our shipments. Brokers help ensure a shipment goes as smoothly as possible by coordinating all major aspects of the shipment to ensure you have to spend less time and worry on the process.

Shipping from US to Canada with RoadLINX

RoadLINX offers some of the most convenient and affordable shipping options for US and Canadian shipments. Our experienced drivers enjoy privileges on both sides of the border to expedite the process which not only allows us to offer competitive pricing but also faster shipping timeframes which, for many companies, equals even bigger advantages in the long run.

For a free consultation to discuss your shipping from US to Canada needs, contact RoadLINX today at 905-784-2963. We offer a wide range of services and shipping options to ensure your items get there affordably, safely and on time!

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