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Full Truckload Freight Transportation company in Toronto

If you have large shipment and you need it shipped now, you need a full truckload carrier you can trust. RoadLINX is committed to providing the best FTL service for our customers and works hard to make this one of the fastest, most reliable shipping methods.

What is a Full Truckload (ie. FTL )?

As the name implies, an FTL is when a truck or intermodal container (full container load, FCL) is filled by one customer with their product. Typically, this shipment goes all to one place and is generally the most cost-effective method of shipping for larger volume shipments. With trucks able to carry in excess of 40,000 lbs, RoadLINX has space for a wide range of products.

When to use Full Truckload?

When you are shipping to a high-volume location, that is typically the best time to use an FTL. Also, if your shipment has enough volume to fill a full truckload then an FTL is worth considering.

Benefits of Full Truckload

One of the biggest benefits of sending an FTL is that it is not handled en route, meaning it is safer and leaves even less room for error. This adds up to it being faster as well. Also, since an FTL’s rate is based on mileage and lane use rather than shipment classification, this can be cheaper for some items.

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Additional Services

RoadLINX offers special services to make your FTL shipment go smoothly. Our crew can do the following to make your job easier:

  • Wrap and palletize your shipments
  • Blanket wrapping
  • Escort handling
  • Expedited service

RoadLINX has been providing expert full truckload shipping throughout our many years of operation and know how to make this method safe, fast and cost-effective for our customers. Call us at 905-760-1141 to talk with one of our logistics experts to determine if an FTL is right for your shipment and company.

Call us us at 905-760-1141 for further information or to request a free quote.


The cost to ship a full truckload depends on some factors:

  • the size of your freight shipment;
  • the distance from pick up to delivery, destination;
  • any special services required for a safe shipping experience

To find out just how affordable we can get you the full truckload shipping services you need, just reach out and contact us. Our experienced account manager will get you a reliable price that you can use to budget all the shipping services you require.

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