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Warehouse Storage Solutions

As a top freight trucking & international shipping company, RoadLINX offers a variety of supply chain solutions including warehousing and cross docking. Our comprehensive services allow for great flexibility in scheduling, cost and freight type. Whether you need long or short term warehousing, RoadLINX provides secure, affordable options.

Secure Warehousing

RoadLINX strives to provide our customers with the most options when it comes to warehousing. We not only have our primary facilities in Toronto, we also offer quality warehouse storage in over 200 cities across North America for the greatest convenience. Each of our freight warehouse storage locations includes these safety measures:

  • 24/7 Camera surveillance
  • Smoke detection, sprinkler and fire alarm system
  • Fenced area for your high-end items

What is Cross Docking?

As you research supply chain solutions, it’s likey you’ve come across this term and wondered “what is cross docking?” This phrase, which sounds like something the Star Trek crew would have to do, is really just a name given for when freight is taken from one truck, trailer or railcar and put onto another with little to no storage in between.

Benefits of Cross Docking

This method keeps your supply chain moving with little to no time where your goods aren’t in motion. It cuts down on costs and allows you to make more shipments, faster.

Cross Docking and Warehousing Service

We use our cross docking service in conjunction with our warehouse storage to give you even more options. We can move your items from one truck to another no matter what type of shipment you need transferred. Our warehouse storage is also available for temporary or long term use for those times when there is a gap between truck availability.

Call us at 905-760-1141 to speak with one of our logistics experts to find out the best freight warehouse storage or cross docking options for your shipment.

Call us us at 905-760-1141 for further information or to request a free quote.