Our Equipment – Storage Trailers

As a top Freight Trucking & International Shipping company in North America, RoadLINX brings you the best in shipping containers, trailers and equipment to ensure the safety and timely arrival of all your shipments. Choose from a wide range of shipping methods and compartments to solve all your freight logistics concerns. Our equipment includes:

Intermodal Containers

Our intermodal containers are built to withstand even the toughest travelling conditions. Whether your shipment is making it across air, land, sea or all three, our containers will keep your items safe and dry.

Dry Vans

One of the most popular ways to ship, these vans are designed to keep your items dry and secure by keeping out the elements. Dry vans freight shipping is also one of the most cost-effective ways to ship since they provide safety for travel over land without extra features like temperature control or intermodal containers.

Temperature Controlled Trailers

Our temperature controlled trailers(Heated trucking transportation & Refrigerated Freight Shipping) have up to three different compartments with independent temperature control to allow you to ship multiple climate-sensitive items at once. These trailers are a popular choice for medical supplies and perishable items.

Mobile Storage and Warehousing Trailers

We make warehousing easier than ever with our mobile storage trailers. Choose to park your trailer on your own property or on our secure lot for both long and short term storage solutions. Check out our warehousing solutions.

Cost-Effective Freight Shipping with Less than Truck


Flatbed trailer shipping is one of the most common shipping options and for good reason. A variety of customizable options makes flatbeds ideal for a wide range of shipment types including full and less than truck loads and over dimensional loads.

Chassis Trailers

Ranging from 20’ to 40’, our chassis trailers are designed to last and help you haul even the most difficult shipments. Choose from combo trailers, gooseneck trailers, and heavy duty 24-metric ton trailers.

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